Video Production Packages

Mumble & Shrug Productions offers four different forms of video production. They each have their own role to play in marketing a product, and they appeal to different kinds of audiences. As the client, you may have a specific form in mind, or we can advise you as to the type of video we believe will showcase your product the best.

Bringing "real life" into your marketing materials is an essential aspect of creating an effective campaign. Our Lifestyle videos do just that. We take the services and products and bring them to life. Much more artistic than standard marketing videos, Lifestyle videos are more entertaining and effective selling tools. Click below to learn more about our lifestyle videos.

In contrast to a lifestyle video, a marketing video is a simple discussion of the product's value. The most typical way of filming a marketing video is to ask a series of questions and then edit them out, so that only the answers remain. The marketing video is meant to be more informative than entertaining, although some can be funny or inspirational. Find out more about our marketing videos below.

The animation video is essentially the video version of an infographic. It might take the form of a training video, marketing for a product, or have some other topic. But instead of human characters, it uses motion graphics and animations to explain a series of facts in a visually engaging way. These can be a lot of fun to make and to watch. They are a balance between information and entertainment, because while they tend to be dense with facts, good use of graphics is just as entertaining as a lifestyle segment. Learn about animation for your marketing efforts today.

Are you getting married and want to make sure you remember all the best parts of your day? Are you having a company retreat and want to have a promotional film made to commemorate the event? Then a Mumble & Shrug event highlight film is for you. Making videos that commemorate and recall your special event in a fun and interesting way is our specialty. Even if the viewer was not present, we strive to make sure that the video we provide makes all who see it feel like they were there.