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Who is “US”?

Originally from “The-Nightmare-Realm-That-Exists-Under-Your-Bed-But-Only-When-The-Lights-Are-Off” (TNRTEUYBBOWTLAO) Shrug spent most of his childhood dreaming of life on the big screen. After misreading a casting call for 2013’s Monster’s University, Shrug stumbled upon the set of a student film at Michigan State University where he met his friend, one-time roommate, and now boss Will Chodos.  He decided the sweltering summers and harsh winters suited his cruel and unjust up-bringing and stayed in Michigan. He worked as a Grimace impersonator before accepting his role as mascot, and junior sales-associate at Mumble & Shrug Productions. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

After crashing landing on Earth in 1984, Mumble fell instantly in love with Michigan’s beautiful coasts, wonderful seasons, and thriving culture, and he hasn’t looked back since. For most of the 90’s and early 2000’s Mumble worked as the star travel agent at a small agency in South West Michigan, until the internet slowly ran it out of business. He met Will at an open mic night in Ann Arbor when Mumble was struggling as a stand-up comic. A friendship was quickly formed over their love for Wes Anderson films, the comic book Sandman, and The 5th Dimension. He joined Will and Shrug, when Mumble & Shrug was founded, stepping in as the official mascot, receptionist, and foreign affairs officer. Currently, Mumble lives in Saline, Michigan with his girlfriend Alice, and seven cats.

Will Chodos graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Media Arts, which gave him the skills in editing, camerawork, and storytelling needed to create great videos. Originally planning on a career in movies, Will became disenfranchised with the traditional bottom-up career path after working as a production assistant.
Wanting to be the person behind the creativity, not the person facilitating it, he purchased equipment, software, and went into business for himself. Founding Mumble & Shrug Productions in 2014, he switched gears to marketing and advertising, while keeping  the creativity and art of film in his projects.
Mumble & Shrug is dedicated to keeping ahead of the curb, and knowing the right tool for the job. This gives Mumble & Shrug Pro. the ability to create high quality video productions while keeping costs to a minimum.